Los Angeles, CA, USA

©2018 by Anika Perkins

SEBEYU is Anika Perkins' solo electronic music project.

The name came to Anika during meditation where she was informed that Sebeyu was her name in a past life in Ancient Egypt. 

Sebeyu is an embodied creator, redesigning underground dance music in Los Angeles.  Her version of industrial rave is a mix of faded synth, massive drums, and polyphonic overtone singing; a voice technique that produces two notes simultaneously. A multidisciplinary artist, she designs custom looks and headlines revolutionary club nights with equal aplomb. 


Sebeyu’s upcoming album “Mindexpansion” is a lucid dream state that shifts into peak awareness. A futurist fantasy where visible light is muted and clouds blend into the sky.  It is empathy dressed in sheets of metal. In it, she explores light, magic, consciousness, design, and futurism.

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